Missing Information, Please Contact Customer Support

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I would like to know the status of my account regarding this matter.. my employer loaded me an ample amount via his credit card and he told me that he already sent the requested documents that you want and sent it in [email protected] but still one day no reply if its get approved or not...I even tried the customer support for it but just automated reply...please let me know the status of it as soon as possible...thank you...and my card is always in expenditate or something, that will automatically load within the same day. like in odesk, in this case for private loading could still that be applicable?..thank you...looking forward to your response...

PS: private payment to your Payoneer card ending in xxxxx-xxXX-XXXX-xxx9. The payment request 4728467 for $800.00 has not yet been approved.

As I read in some of the thread..I hope you won't limit my card to $300 like in this thread http://community.payoneer.com/topic/2476-pain-with-private-payment/ Thanks...

Looking forward for your reply..



  • kisekikiseki Member Posts: 2
    any news?..its been 2 days now and still the status in my account says Missing information please contact customer support,the loader already sent the requested documents 2 days ago and still the current status in my account didnt change..please help me on this...

    Thank you
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