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royalmice Member Posts: 2
I recently had a merchant charge me $2323.20 but within 3 minutes the merchant refunded the transaction for the exact same amount $2323.20. It took almost 5 days before the transaction showed in my account. However when I checked the transactions i noticed that Payoneer showed the about refunded as only $2222.20 -- so where did the $101 go ????

The merchant is located in South Africa, and the purchase was in local currency but both the purchase and refund amount was for the same amount. I can understand that exchange rates fluctuate but it is impossible to change by $101 in 3 min.

I spoke to someone by the name of Tony at Payoneer ( British accent ), and he told me that Payoneer charge a fee for refunds --- huh wtf ??? $101 fee ?????
I told him that it is crazy and told him it is not mentioned anywhere about refund fee. Eventually after putting me on hold for several minutes he came back to me and told me they will reduce the Fee from $101 to $56 for the transaction ---- until now that reduction does not show on my transactions .

Also why did Payoneer not posted the fee as a FEE, instead they subtracted it from the refund amount making it look like it was the merchant that deducted the fee, but matter of fact is that i have copies of both the purchase and the refund slips, and the amounts was the same, merchant refunded 2323.20 but Payoneer posted refund as $2222.20

This is not acceptable business practice at all. Now where is there a mention that say I will be charged by Payoneer for refunds. I checked all the pages and the only time i have to pay a fee is when using a ATM

Payoneer u are cheating your customers. I have been with Payoneer over a year, and you made allot of money from my load fees several times a month and and anual fee -- are you now so desperate that you need to skim customers Refunds

Very Bad !!!!