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Transactions Fee Calculation using Payoneer Mastercard.

arm575 Member Posts: 1
Question: Can anybody tell me how where the below fees calculated?

Country: Nicaragua.
Oficial exchange rate: C $26.52/US $ 1.00

1st. Transaction: ATM Withdraw in US Dollar.
Emount withdrawed: US $100.00
Emount charged: US $108.00
Total Fees of transaction: US $8.00

2nd. Transaction: Restaurant Payment.
Emount Payed: CS $ 170.00 = US $6.41 (170.00/26.5)
Emount Charged: US $ 8.04
Total Fees of transaction: US $ 1.63

Can anybody show me how both fees where calculated. Thanks in advance.


  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 595

    Please note that when you withdraw cash from the ATM the conversion rate is set at the time of the transaction, and based on MasterCard's market value.
    Also, you can see the cross boarder conversion rates and fees