why do i have a limit to the amount of payments i can make daily

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Payoneer marketing indicates that they can be used for business purposes. i have a business in which i (the business ) is basically like a brokerage and i need to make almost as much payments as i receive. Sometimes i need to make multiple payments to the same supplier daily . The problem that i am in-countering is that after on average about 10 payments (could be less) made when i try to make the 11th payment i get a message saying " the transaction has been declined by the card issuer". when i try to make the payment again the next day it goes through as normal. this is something that happens to me daily and it is hindering my business.


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    Sounds to me like indeed you are exceeding the daily amount. The daily spending limit of your Payoneer Prepaid Card is $5000. You can withdraw up to $2500 at an ATM and use up to $2500 in purchases or payments. Daily usage limits are set in accordance with regulations set by Payoneer, MasterCard, and our regulators and cannot be increased.
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