Need Help - New Payoneer Account


I have already received a Payoneer card but unfortunately I cant access my account online.
My user name is having a spelling mistake and I have already requested Payoneer several times to correct it so that I can start using my account ..

it has been more than a month and still I am waiting .. Please guide me what should I do


  • ShehroseShabbirShehroseShabbir Member Posts: 80 ✭✭
    I'll prefer to use the Live chat of payoneer

    Click the link below for instant queries

    Or call them for more instant help.
  • windycitywindycity Member Posts: 5
    I have tried many times, they always reply its under review .. I am hopeless and helpless here ..
    Never saw this kind of customer service ..
  • ShehroseShabbirShehroseShabbir Member Posts: 80 ✭✭
    Call them or wait for forum moderator respond to this.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 595
    As previous people have answered, I would suggest you contact support as they are the address for that matter. Can you please give me previous reference number?
  • windycitywindycity Member Posts: 5
    @ Sivan, This is the only reference # 141229-006633 I have, my account was approved, already received the card but unfortunately I cannot access my account .. the email address I used as a user ID was having minor spelling mistake .. and since a month I am just requesting to correct that error so that I can start using my account, set up us payment services to start receiving funds.

    Please can you provide me estimated time, it would help to decide whether i should wait or move on with other alternate services ..

    I would really appreciate your prompt response
  • windycitywindycity Member Posts: 5
    so today i was told by payoneer representative on chat that I will have to create a new account using different email address this time ..

    I applied for a new account but now I am getting a email that there is already a account under my name ..

    Can someone please guide and help me in the right direction

    Reference# for new application 9771590
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