Card to card transfer/recive error

arafinshaonarafinshaon Member Posts: 8
Hi there I am not being able to transfer or receive money :( My card to card transfer/receive facility is disable :( Each time I'm getting error message. Can you plz check that. Mean while I've received a payment from us payment service. Its urgent waiting for your response :)

mail id: same (integrated with this community forum)


  • Hi. Keep in mind that in order for the transfer to succeed, both account must have prior received funds. If this is not the case, please contact support for help:
  • arafinshaonarafinshaon Member Posts: 8
    Hi Sivan. Sender's sending facility is enable. Actual problem is with my account. I've already knocked the support which Reference Number: 150128-003852. Submitted 4 days ago :( But didn't get any response.
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