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Withdraw fund in Pakistan

I am from Pakistan. How can I attach my Payoeer card with my local bank account and receive money in my local currency. Can I receive funds through Deutsche Bank? How?


  • ShehroseShabbir
    ShehroseShabbir Member Posts: 80 ✭✭
    Hello @SohailKhan Please note that you can withdraw funds from payoneer using an ATM machine who supports mastercard.

    Supported Banks
    * MCB (LIMIT: 10,000 PKR per day/24 hours )
    * SAMBA BANK ( Limit: 2 Lac Rupees in increments of 20,000 thousand per transaction 
    for example: If you want to withdraw 1 lac rupees you have to withdraw it in piles/increments/chunks i.e, You have to withdraw 20,000 PKR 5 times to withdraw 1 Lac )

    If you want recieve funds in your Payoneer account. The most common way that i use is using an PayPal account or Skrill moneybookers account. So you can withdraw money from your online payment system directly to your payoneer card.

    Hope thats the answer to your question.
  • dishtvchannel
    dishtvchannel Member Posts: 1
    dear sir if we have large big amount more then 10k so how we can recvied in bank accounts as we have card but its to much charge when u widraw sir we need to recvied in bank accoutn its posible sir?