How can i keep track and know how many people i referred to affiliate program???

8bitDev8bitDev Member Posts: 1
I don't see any tracking number,and i got several messages that i referred a friend and i don't know is each message for different person,or it was just a reminder for 1 person???



  • demonicsheikhdemonicsheikh Member Posts: 5
    You can check by visiting your referral section :hushed:
  • neelneel Member Posts: 54 ✭✭
    @8bitDev Login to your payoneer account.
    Click on the Refer Friend button located on right column of the home page.
    A new tab will open with your affiliates dashboard.
    You can see the 4th option to view your referral history. click on that and send an email to verify. click the verification link from your email inbox and see all the history
    Md Zahidul Islam
    Seven Sign
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