My Payment is 3 Weeks Delayed

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Hello how can i call the your partner Maybank here in the Philippines? Because its already been 3 weeks and my money is not yet in my bank. I have a payment on Feb 13 payment that went through w/o problem but the Feb 1 payment is not yet in my account. my bank cannot see what is coming because they have said they are just in receiving, my latest payment I receive it already but i didn't receive the previous payment and it's almost 3 weeks.. been waiting for so long

I already send to them the MT103 form you gave to me. No amount of that came in to my Bank they already check the ref # and to the remittance center. Its easy for you to print that and sent me a copy of MT103 form, please kindly double check and give me a way to call your partner Maybank..

Thank you and God Bless!
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