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Money debited from account but ATM gave me no money

I'm a Payoneer user since many years and I've used this many times to withdraw my money but yesterday night when I went to ATM to withdraw first of all ATM notified me with an error "Sorry you've exceed your withdrawal limits" after that I entered the card again and mentioned smaller amount than before one but this time the ATM machine stuck showing "Please Wait" message. After waiting for 3-4 minutes I cancelled the transaction and card popped out. I did another try from another ATM but again error "Sorry you've exceed your withdrawal limits". When I get home and checked my account, to my surprise $107 were debited from my account but ATM didn't gave me any money.
Same night I contacted Payoneer customer service and discussed the matter, they sent me Dispute Form and asked me to consult ATM owner first. I did so and now they want me to wait 48 hours and money will be transferred back to my account.
My question:
1: What should I do now, wait for 48 hours and then file the dispute or should do it instantly?


Thank you


  • sharifawan
    sharifawan Member Posts: 53 ✭✭
    You should wait 48 hours as in dispute form you will have to mention it.
    in case after 48 hours you did not get cash back then  you will have to fill out dispute form.
    The same happened with me and it took 90 days to get my cash back.
  • mscw1997
    mscw1997 Member Posts: 4
    edited February 2015
    Thank you.
    If there any possibility of getting money back from MCB itself?