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Can not withdraw From local ATM

herizo Member Posts: 32 ✭✭
edited March 2015 in Ask The Community
Hi everyone, i'm living in Madagascar and using every week my card to withdraw money. Today i had a strange issue. I can plug the card, enter my pin code and all seems working but when i try to get money, it says "Votre banque a rejeté votre demande" (your bank rejected the request) .
i have 80$ inside my account and can not get even 10$.

i talk to local bank agent and we tested together but we had same issue, they told me to ask to the bank (payoneer). I talked to customer support of payoneer , seems that not any request was sent to payneer. usually when i have an error with amount , there is a fee so i know my transaction was rejected because of not enought funds. This time , not any fee or notification of the attempt to my payoneer account but i tested other ATM , i have same issue. only one bank accept mastercard and all their atm reject .

Yesterday and every week since April 2013 (during more than 1 year ) i was able to get money from same bank ATM. And today , nothing is working.

It is so strange then i'm curious if anyone have a suggestion.

Local bank => "you are able to use the card and enter your pin , you can click the button to get money but it's rejected, all is ok from our side talk to your bank"

Payoneer => "nothing was requested to our system today , your card is active and working correctly the problem is not from us"

where to go ? what to do? i lost whole day to attempt with many atms with different amounts under my actual funds available

Actually money is on the account but not able to get it. Any suggestion , idea , is welcome.


  • herizo
    herizo Member Posts: 32 ✭✭
    i don't excpect solution , just suggestion or ideas about what is happening. please don't hesitate to post any answer event it's crazy , something may help me to understand because actually support can do nothing for me and local bank support too.
    i feel alone face to a mysterious problem.
  • herizo
    herizo Member Posts: 32 ✭✭
    Hi there,

    Today i tested again with same amount, same bank and same ATM (one of all i tested yesterday) and miracle, it was working at first attempt . The mystery stay but i hope it will not happen again.
    Internet connection of the ATM may be
  • herizo
    herizo Member Posts: 32 ✭✭
    Hi ,

    for everyone using payoneer or other mastercard in Madagascar, it's possible to use "BOA (Bank of Africa) " . you have to go to the HQ agency first time but after you can get money from any agency of this bank without ATM machine.
    It's an alternative solution when ATM of BNI CA doesn't work correctly.

    I hope that will help others.
  • byrnf
    byrnf Member Posts: 1
    Hi Herizo, I know your post is very old. But I'm from El Salvador.

    And stupidly reject my withdrawal without a reason. And Payoneer also says doesn't see any transaction from my side.

    Here in El Salvador don't have any BOA so I don't know what to do, 2 days in arow trying to withdraw my money from different ATM of different Banks
  • herizo
    herizo Member Posts: 32 ✭✭
    I don't know about El Salvador banks but i guess you can try again. In my case it was working the next days after first attempt. All i know is the problem was not from my card or payoneer account. It was from the banks.

  • herizo
    herizo Member Posts: 32 ✭✭

    definetely not i think it will never be solved both payoneer and bank side actively searching for alternative payement path. Western union to Mvola worked like charm i tested 3 months now .

    if you have ideas please share with me