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Lost all the money in my account to unauthorized transactions...Above $5,000


This started on 6th of March and last till 7th of March and I have lost all the money in my account which was above $5,000 to 14 unauthorized transactions made from different merchant ID's in US although I've never been to US and currently in UAE.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do and the way things look like, I'll have to wait atleast 3 months before I can even get an answer on what happens to these transactions and even if I'll ever get them back....and here I was depending on these funds to help fund some of my projects....

My card was never lost or stolen nor did I give away the PIN or any information to anyone but myself...


  • ElvenNinja
    ElvenNinja Member Posts: 5
    Actually all the transactions were ATM's withdrawals in Calgary Canada...... A place I've never been to and probably would never be.

    Still got two pending authorizations...

    Can't understand how some one can do this and how can the Payoneer card be reproduced like that, while I sit here in Dubai with my card?
  • TristanP
    TristanP Member Posts: 49 ✭✭
    Any ATM should ask you for a PIN, as they are unmanned. Not like it's relevant as your card is probably compromised. Cashing out skimmed cards in other countries is actually quite common by the way.

    You should contact the customer service as soon as possible. There you'll find a link to a phone number to report lost or stolen cards. At the time being the number is 1-(646)-386­-2434, which is available 24/7.

    Good luck.

  • ElvenNinja
    ElvenNinja Member Posts: 5
    I have and hopefully they will help me sort it out soon.
    Also filling a case with the police as I want to go all lengths to make sure this person is caught. If the card was skimmed then the culprits are here in the UAE itself.
  • ElvenNinja
    ElvenNinja Member Posts: 5
    1 Month in and still waiting.

    Anyone knows here what I'm supposed to do? $5k+ is pretty huge for me and I have to go to all lengths to get it back. 90 days of wait and stopping all my projects is not easy for me.

    No proper response and uncertainty from payoneer customer support is not helping me here...
  • fastesol
    fastesol Member Posts: 2
    Happened to me.
    about 45 days ago, I made three transactions from An ATM, transaction failed and ATM didn't dispense cash but, My account was debited by $199.67*3 I complained to payoneer they're now reviewing the transactions (as these 3 transactions are again in pending) and said, it may take about 90 days (27 days past).
    Now, on 14 Dec 2016, another three transactions appeared in my account (with the same Merchant) and account debited by $199.68*3 - A really strange thing is happening to me.

    I've been using Payoneer since 2012 - I'll now quite the Payoneer services. as they are not that good I've lost $1200.
    Say No to Payoneer