grhj466grhj466 Member Posts: 3
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Hi , I am Ghulam Rasool From Pakistan, I love Payoneer . I am happy to join Payoneer Community Forum.


  • drkuldipmengidrkuldipmengi Member Posts: 1
    Hi I am Dr.kuldip mengi from india recently opened my a/c in payoneer on the first hour of opening in india.Todayi joined Payoner Community fourm.feeling good ,as i am waiting payoner from so many months.
  • drkuldipmengidrkuldipmengi Member Posts: 1
    After my joining i have reffered to my 7 friends to open a/c in PAYONER and lso given a add in x100k.com and supper2*7.com.i think Payoner will recieve more bussiness from india and we indian also enjoys thier benifits in the future.God may skyhigh this PAYONEER to serve the whole world
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