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Why do I have to waive my right to dispute any past or future transaction(s)??

donaldfcrane Member Posts: 3
I recently sent an email to Support because I didn't understand some transactions on my card. After straightening it out, apparently the only way I can get my card unblocked is by confirming that "you are waiving your right to dispute any past or future transaction(s)"
What??!! Why do I never have the right to dispute a transaction ever again?? So after this, somebody can steal my card and use it but- - - that's okay??


  • TristanP
    TristanP Member Posts: 49 ✭✭
    Personally I agree it seems odd (if) they ask you to waive your rights to dispute future transactions. However, I don't think this is a situation in which other Payoneer customers may help you or which Payoneer is likely to discuss on a public forum.
    You should contact Payoneer's Customer Service Departement in order to clear up this issue and get it resolved.
    You may want to keep us informed how the situation got resolved. Good luck!