laoding my card?

dilmuroddilmurod Member Posts: 1
Hi! I'm from Uzbekistan and I have been got my card still cannot load it. How can I do it? What kind of loading ways are possible in my city of Tashkent?


  • KamalPixiKamalPixi Member Posts: 8
    Hello Dilmurod,

    You can not Load Your Payoneer Card from Your Local Bank Account! Bcz Payoneer Does not Support Personal Load! (Such as You send Money from Your Bank account To your card then you'll use the money for online transaction)

    Payoneer Card is for Receiving Payments from the company you work for!
    Such as (,,, and so on!)

    Hope You Understood!
    If I'm wrong Pls Correct me!

    Thank You.
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