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Transaction Dispute not Resolved After 90 Days

youngn012 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Ask The Community
I have this huge nightmare going on right now with my Payoneer card and I just want to see if anyone else had the misfortune is going through this also.

November of last year I booked a ticket over the phone for a flight (a little of over $300). As expected, the money was immediately deducted from the account. When I reached to the airport I was told that the flight was accidentally overbooked and I can not be accommodated. I was also told that Customer Service or Management would be in contact with me in a day or two to discuss a refund since their offices were already closed (it was for a flight at 7pm). I was then forced to buy a ticket for another airline (which was more expensive than the first) to catch my flight.

The first airline I booked with contacted me and offered a seat on a flight a few days after. Another ultimatum they offered was credit for another flight in the future. When I explained that another airline had already accommodated me and I would much rather prefer a refund they stopped responding and were un-cooperative.

When I contacted Payoneer about my issue I was told that I had to wait 30 days until I could open a dispute. I opened my dispute on December 24, 2014. I provided all necessary details including email conversations between the me and the airline, which also shows me refusing their offers and requesting a refund.

I was guaranteed many times that my dispute would be resolved within 90 days. 90 days later, I am being told that my issue may take another month because there was a "problem with the merchant". This ambiguous answer was given to me by Payoneer Customer Service, who had no further knowledge about the status of my dispute. When I requested to speak with someone who may possibly be more knowledgeable in this matter, I was told that I should just wait until they resolve it.

During the 90 day process I have not received much assistance in getting updates on the status of my chargeback. The response I am getting is causing me to lose confidence in Payoneer because I do feel like my purchases are not secure.

Has anyone had an experience like this with Payoneer?