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I still believe i can get help

I opened my Payoneer account almost 2 years ago (11 ‎July ‎2013) and didn't really have a serious use for it until recently. I ordered for my card shortly after i opened the account and didn't receive it, maybe it got lost on the way but i didn't bother much since i didn't have a serious use for my account at that time. I planned ordering for another card via DHL in future as it will be more reliable to get to me.

My crime was to forget the email address i used in opening my account. I hardly used that email address anymore and i tried loggging in on the site with my recent emails and until i had 1 trial left, then i did a thorough investigation and remembered the email i used and even if i used the correct email this time with the correct password, payoneer still blocked my account. Why did payoneer block my account when the previous emails i tried to use were not even linked to any account at all? Meaning they placed a cookie on my PC, ready to block any account that tried to login from it again.

I contacted CS on Live chat option and she wasn't of any help. She immediately ended the chat after telling me "My account is closed for undisclosed reasons". I tried again and this time she told me to contact CS via email, that she cant be of help to me. I contacted CS via email and for more than 2 weeks i haven't gotten a single reply to acknowledge the receipt of my email (except the computer generated email with my Reference Number: 150310-000722)

I called CS 3 times and was given the same answer - "Your account is closed for undisclosed reasons", and "we won't be able to offer you our services anymore" "we do not have further information about this problem"

I even offered to provide any details once again for verification (drivers license, national id, utility bills, etc) but that didn't help. I asked her if i could open another account with a different email and she said i can try, but she's not sure if it would be of help. I tried and the account was also blocked, i think because my phone number was used in the previous one.

I am very sorry i forgot my email, is it an unforgivable crime to forget? I plead with all of you here, i know something can be done. I have funds from my very hard and tedious work that i need to withdraw and payoneer is my only option. You guys are my only hope right now (especially Nisim). Please help me forward this to the technical team. I need access to the account. I promise not to forget my account details ever again. Forgive me just this once. My account email is [email protected] and the new account is [email protected] they can be merged or the old one can be deleted as i've change address since i opened that account. I am very hopefull as i wait for you help in solving this issue. Thanks