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Multiple Business Brands


Just signed up for Payoneer 'coz i was told its much better than Paypal - so am excited to give it a shot. Im looking for a paypal like feature that lets me handle multiple lines of businesses (brand names) like paypal does ... Here is what im talking about ....

"PayPal makes it easy for sellers who use different brand names to manage multiple lines of business. For example, a seller who sells a line of expensive jewellery under the name 'JoAnne's Gems & Jewels' may also sell a line of second hand clothing under the name 'Eric's Eccentric Closet.' Using PayPal, it's easy to receive payment notifications and manage orders by using a different email address for the two lines of business... you may have up to 8 email addresses, and you can use any or your Confirmed email addresses to send automated or receive PayPal payments. "

Does Payoneer support such a feature? How do I go about making this happen?