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Kurioso Member Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Ask The Community
Hello everyone, sent my 1st payment 6 says ago (21st March 2015)
The amount was $7.7 USD. ACH corporate load, direct deposit.

I had more than $9 in my Payoneer balance, something like $9.3 USD.

ACH coporate load fee was noted $0.08 USD. Until now it's normal (1% of 7.7 is 0.077)

My account was loaded today with $7.7 but my balance then became $14.52

So I don't understand why it didn't become something more like $16.92 USD (9.3 + 7.7 - 0.08)

Looks like I was charged an additional $2.5, and I don't think it is an immediate load because it's a direct deposit (took 7 days,) also, even if it was not a direct deposit ACH transfer, I am usually asked wether I want an immediate load or not, and this fee is not even showing in my transaction history.

Can someone explain to me please? Hope this is just because it's the first amount sent by Createspace.

Thanks in advance!