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Money deducted from card but transaction was not successful

Intkhab Ahsan
Intkhab Ahsan Member Posts: 9

Today I have made two transactions. One of 20,000 PKR was successful and I made second of 20,000PKR but after 1-2 minutes that ATM Machine of Bank Alfalah T-Black DHA-Lahore returnd card with sorry and transaction was not completed. But the amount of $206 + $1. has been deducted. Not only this $1 deducted when I try to make one more attempt.

Then I call to bank UAN# 111-225-111 the CSR told me that there is some error in system.

I thought I should contact Payoneer via live chat. But 30 minute wait, the CSR send me form to take print fill and send them.

Why they do not contact to Bank ?
Why they do not settle and reverse the transaction within 24 hours?
Even in this community only 10-20% are satisfied with Payoneer...Please improve your CS and resolve issues quickly.
Looking forward for your immediate response,

Intkhab Ahsan


  • hafizzatta
    hafizzatta Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    Hi Payoneer Community

    My Income source for card is Elance Escrow Payments and i am from pakistan

    Today i was go to bank and used my ATM(Payoneer Prepaid Master Card) in one of recommended bank for Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard ,My current Balance was 269$ and i was tried to withdraw 200$(20,000PKR) from my card, but ATM machine showed me message of not allowed(something like that), then i tried 150$ same message was appear after that i was tried to withdraw 100$ and it was successfully completed my payoneer card balance is deducted with charges total 106$(i have no issue with it)

    My Questions are below

    1.why i was not able to withdraw 200$ when my balance was 269$ ?
    2.Withdraw completed but 106$ still in pending authorization more than 6 hours passed why ?
    3.Now my current balance is 185$ and i want to withdraw 100$ tomorrow , can i use it tomorrow or i have to wait this pending authorization process to complete ?if i have to wait then when i can withdraw ?

    Please Guide me Quickly , any Good response will be appreciative

  • arximughal
    arximughal Member Posts: 4
    The same happened to me last night. I tried to withdraw just 5000/ PKR. The MCB ATM showed that there aren't enough funds in my account. But when I checked my account balance later, the money was being deducted from the account.
    Muhammad Arslan Aslam
  • arximughal
    arximughal Member Posts: 4
    I just started using payoneer services. I activated my account last night and transacted $88. The funds were available soon after I withdraw from fiverr.
    Then I went to the MCB ATM and tried to withdraw. The ATM said I don't have enough funds and it returned me my card.
    I tried on other ATMs but thy didn't support Payoneer card.
    But when I checked my account balance later, it said I don't have enough funds. Now it's just showing I got only $1.

    In transaction history, the payment has been declined.
    Here's the ATM WITHDRAW TYPE shown in the Transaction history of that transaction: "ATM Withdrawal Decline - Insufficient Funds"... And at the end of the transaction details it's saying total charged are only $1, which is the standard fee.
    So, it's clear the transaction was declined. But where did my money go?
    Please help me I'm really worried. Where did my money go??????
    Muhammad Arslan Aslam
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 595
    Hi Guys, I'm sorry  to hear bout your unpleasant experience. The first thing to do would be to contact the bank for help. If for some reason they are unable to help, please contact support and ask ti file a charge-back: 
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