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First ATM Usage

hafizzatta Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
Hi Payoneer Community

My Income source for card is Elance Escrow Payments and i am from pakistan

Today i was go to bank and used my ATM(Payoneer Prepaid Master Card) in one of recommended bank for Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard(MCB) ,My current Balance was 269$ and i was tried to withdraw 200$(20,000PKR) from my card, but ATM machine showed me message of not allowed(something like that), then i tried 150$ same message was appear after that i was tried to withdraw 100$ and it was successfully completed my payoneer card balance is deducted with charges total 106$(i have no issue with it)

My Questions are below

1.why i was not able to withdraw 200$ when my balance was 269$ ?
2.Withdraw completed but 106$ still in pending authorization more than 6 hours passed why ?
3.Now my current balance is 185$ and i want to withdraw 100$ tomorrow , can i use it tomorrow or i have to wait this pending authorization process to complete ?if i have to wait then when i can withdraw ?

Please Guide me Quickly , any Good response will be appreciative


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