EURO Payment service

Hello, I work with a European company, I applied for the EURO payment service to receive my payments on my European account and to withdraw money. I have received and activated my EURO Mastercard card and the payment was sent from the company to the account one week ago, but I haven't received it yet. Any answers or suggestions for this problem?! Thanks in advance.


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    It usually takes up to 20 business days for the payment to be processed. Have you received your payment yet?
  • YassineGuerroudYassineGuerroud Member Posts: 2
    I haven't received my payment yet !! tomorrow will be two weeks since the payment was sent from my company to the account. Your answer is helpful, but I want to know if this case ( 20 days befors the payment reaches the account ) happens only in the first payment or in all the upcoming ones. Thanks
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 595
    Hi @YassineGuerroud, can you please reply to my private message? 
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