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How Payoneer is Making Fake Transactions in my Account

I made transaction on 03-04-15 and it was not completed and $206.51 were deducted and now that transaction in dispute.

After that transaction, balance were $83 in my account.

Now you made three fake transactions in my account as under

04/16/2015 22:16 BANK AL-FALAH
04/16/2015 07:36 BANK AL-FALAH


04/17/2015 00:03 BANK AL-FALAH $188.79 Debits

Now tell me how one can withdraw $188.79 from $83 ? Is your system so stupid ? or Bank Alfalah of Pakistan ATM is so stupid ?

Why you made these three fake transactions and deducted $83 from my account ?. Now my account showing -$105

Please look into the matter and resolve this issue instead of making complete by doing fake transactions entries.