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[EU Payment Service] A really bad experience with my latest attempt to withdraw money onto my card

Ralf_A Member Posts: 4
Hey guys,

I've been using Payoneer actively now for about a year to receive payments from various companies worldwide. The US payment service had always worked flawlessly for me so I was thrilled when I heard one was coming for EU also.

So little short of a month ago I was going to withdraw around €1300 onto my account, but I had read that Payoneer is only able to accept payments from preapproved companies.

"Ok np", I thought, "I'll contact support and ask if it's ok to make the withdrawal from this company."

So I contacted support and had this conversation (screenshot): imgur(DOT)com/lG4kwiG

From that response from support I got the impression that it was just ok to make the withdrawal, but it turns out that payment was bounced back because "the service or line of business related to this payment is not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions for the US Payment Service" and now I cannot get a hang of anyone at the company that owed me money.

A simple yes/no -answer from support would have been much more appreciated.

Be really careful when using the new EU-payment service and make absolutely sure that the company sending money is 110% preapproved by Payoneer.


  • dom
    dom Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
    edited May 2015
    Thanks for pointing this out.
    We need more feedback for EU payment service...  before activating card.