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How can I mage two different named account in one?

taslimahmed Member Posts: 2
I have the some kind of problem. But I have some different big problem.

First I open an account with my own real name and ID. It get approved and they send me a card but I didn't get any card in my hand. So I try with a new email and ID, again it get approved and they send another card. This time I try by best to get it but unfortunately I mess it again. After this matter I tried with my old ID and Real name but I never approved.

After researching in the internet I try again with my friends ID and name. It get approve and they send Payoneer Card, this time I was fortunate. So I get the card in my hand. After that I remove my old account from Payoneer.

However, I work on oDesk and earn money, Also for my first Card I apply from oDesk in the Pay option.

Now I try to oDesk to change my existent payoneer to new payoneer card, but it says it only the matter of payoneer team. They can't help about this matter. After that I chat with payoneer and reopen my old account.

So, now I need to marge my old account to new account or how can I connect my Payoneer card with my oDesk profile. Remember that my name and Cardholder name is different.

Please help me as quickly as possible and It is very important.


  • dilawer
    dilawer Member Posts: 4
    Just ask the customer support and they will close your one account. The same thing happened to me and I closed my new account and started using the older one. Changed the details on the older one.
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 595

    Hi - unfortunately we cannot provide support regarding your personal accounts here on the forum. Any questions should be directed to our customer support department:

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