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Want to leave Partner/Program and become a regular Payoneer member!!!

dakkon Member Posts: 5

I would like to ask a question related to parters/programs. I've a Payoneer card with a partner program; Elance; and would like to know if I can abandon that partner and have a regular Payoneer card?

When I enrolled through Elance I wasn't aware of the lack of features of partners/programs; I thought it had the same features as a regular card plus some benefit. It seems I was pretty wrong, the benefits are so small and the lack of the features from the regular Payoneer card is so big that its just a waste to have a program/partner card. So now I'm stuck with a card that has NO features whatsoever and is a dumb down version of Payoneer card. Also I probably can't register for a new card through Payoneer as I already have one!!

So is there any way I can request to be converted to a regular Payoneer account instead of being partner of Elance? It's pretty much a waste to have a dumbed down version of Payoneer when I could enjoy all the benefits directly from Payoneer!

I hope that's possible and look forward to become a regular Payoneer card owner and be free from the featureless and dumbed down version of Elance Payoneer partner.

Thanks in advance!