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Seller telling me the billing address is wrong

jaunis Member Posts: 4
Hey everyone, this is the second times it happens:

- LAst week tried to but a computer in the Apple Store. Not only the transaction was cancelled but they took like a week to release the preauthorized money. Reason: bank from belize
- Two days ago I bought some stuff in B&H Photo (a NY retail) and they told me it was denied because the billing address was wrong, I gave them my billing address, the one YOU tell me to put there, and they say "No, it looks its from belize".

How does this work and why does it work sometimes and sometimes it doesn't? I ended up giving them Choice Bank Ltd address hoping that will let them approve the transaction.


  • jaunis
    jaunis Member Posts: 4
    I would appreciate a response, Community Managers :disappointed: