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Payoneer Registration Account Type

Muradbougraine Member Posts: 3
edited May 2015 in Ask The Community
Hello :)

I want to ask you If I can Transfer my funds to my local bank account even If I have Prepaid MasterCard® Card account not Local Bank Account??

If not Can I add two account type with one name??
Local Bank Account and Prepaid MasterCard® Card

And If this not supported Can I ask for changing my account type to Local Bank Account??
Or close the current account and sign up with the Local Bank Account ( I don't need this option)

The Important part is, If I signed up with Local Bank Account, Can I get money from US Companies using US payment service??

Because I have some money ($$$$) on Paypal and I don't want to lose it, since It's not support the withdraw with Master card or transfer to my bank account ( here in morocco).

P.S : I'm really need the two types, one to withdraw money to my bank using Local Bank Account and the other to pay online for Facebook Ads, Hosting Plans, Domains, fees and shopping, using Prepaid MasterCard® Card.

Thank you so much for your time.