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Password Reset Error - Useless Customer Service.

CWang Member Posts: 3

I am one of those poor suckers that has tried to deal with customer service and gotten beyond useless assistance from them.

I am trying to reset the password on my account because I don't remember it, and when I tried to reset it, I had to answer some 'security questions', one being what time i was born, the SECOND being 'in which city were you married'.

Interesting second question - I AM NOT MARRIED.

So obviously, after much table biting frustration, I couldn't reset my password.

I then contacted customer service to get assistance with this, they told me I should email payoneer, I told them I already have, twice, and have gotten no response.

So emailing again would seem like a stupid idea.

Here is an excerpt of my fun chat with the customer service rep:

"Dylan: I am looking into this for you. One moment please.
caitlin wang: Ok.
Dylan: This is strictly to be discussed by e-mail correspondence.
caitlin wang: .......
caitlin wang: but your company doesn't reply.
caitlin wang: so that's not possible
caitlin wang: So?
caitlin wang: I have to leave in a few minutes
caitlin wang: I want to know where we go from here
Dylan: Good question
caitlin wang: You're telling me you can only reset my password or do whatever it is you need to do via email, i'm telling you I don't want to wait weeks without a reply, i think it's fair that something can be done to fix the problem immediately right?
caitlin wang: am i being unreasonable?
Dylan: This is not fixed immediately, but it does require some information to be provided by e-mail correspondence.
caitlin wang: Why can't it be fixed immediately? If you email me, and i respond right away sending you whatever details you need, it can be dealt with immediately.
Dylan: Unfortunately, I am unable to assist you with this matter via chat as you are unable to provide the security details needed to continue this chat. Once this chat terminates I will make sure to email you with the instructions that will help you resolve this matter.
Dylan has disconnected. "

As you can see, he just disconnected without actually addressing my problem.


He sent me an email, to which i replied and got no response.

(Reference Number: 150521-003456)

The email told me:

***** Answer *****
We have received your message regarding your failed attempt to access your Payoneer “My Account” page.
In order to assist you in accessing the account, you first need to confirm your payment method by receiving a new payment to your account.
There are a few ways you can receive funds to your Payoneer Account.
1) You can receive payments through the US Payment Service. This premium service allows you to receive ACH transfers from selected US companies. You may confirm your payment method by receiving a new payment from US companies in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.
2) You can receive payments from any company that offers payment via Payoneer.
Please contact your paying company and request them to transfer payments towards your Payoneer Account, or reply to this e-mail with the following information:
The name of the US company that you would like to receive payments from
A screenshot of your account with the company confirming that you have funds available to be withdrawn.

Customer Service

The email he sent me addressing 'my problem' has 100% nothing to do with my problem.

Why would i need to confirm if i can receive money in various ways? I can't even get into my account, so doing that is absolutely useless.

My problem is simple - I can't reset my password because the questions that I am required to answer are not questions i selected - i am not married.

My second problem is i need payoneer to send me a card - the previous one they supposedly sent never arrived.

If i don't receive some sort of help in the next 24 hours, i am gonna give up and just spend my time making blogs about how much payoneer doesn't value it's customers.