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Payoneer is illegally withholding my funds. No replies, ignored by CS.

suleakim Member Posts: 1
When will you kindly return my !#$@! money?

All I did was log in to check my account during a trip to Iran. You asked for details - I provided them, including my mother's ID and bills. And then deaf silence. Nothing. I had 3 chats, 2 calls and a few emails - NO resolution, NO coherent response. I send information and you quite simply don't give a f...

You hold over $1000 on my card, money I need during my travels. You are not professional at all and your customer service experience is the worst I've ever had - not to mention with a financial institution.

Quite simply, Payoneer seems to be a SCAM.

So, when will I get my money back? Case no. 150518-002475 you lazy... I don't even want to end.


  • payoneerSUX
    payoneerSUX Member Posts: 3
    You surely don't think Payoneer will simply let you have access to YOUR money, do you? How can they continue to pull their scams if they let everyone have access to their money? They are here to make money for themselves, not to be a servant to the people that built them, apparently.