payoneer balance showing in pre auth

rooch99rooch99 Member Posts: 6
i attempt to withdraw 2 amounts
209$ which was successful and another $ 26 which my card is deduct but money does not come out of Atm machine, i back home and check my balance is 0.85$ only , where my money has gone? and how can i see those funds in my card , thanks it was not a big amount but i am worry if this happens in future it will be big issue for me , i need some help regarding this issue
attempt time 06/05/2015
Date: 06/05/2015 09:40 T19685214

Pre-Auth Transaction-ATM Withdrawal International

Local Currency Amount:. Surcharge: -2.95 [Pakistan, Rupee: 2300.0]
Amount to charge: $26.12
if needed i can provide further details it is pre auth history records i brought into your knowledge
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