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The nightmare continues.

CWang Member Posts: 3
I am going to go insane.

I am trying to withdraw some money into my payoneer account from piper stark services ( and i previously connected them as a funder to my account it's no longer connected.

I have NO IDEA WHY as 13 days ago it was connected - as you can see from the email below IT WAS CONNECTED.

Yet now, it's not.

When i log into payoneer it says i have no funders connected, when i go through the extralunchmoney website and click the payoneer token to reconnect it, it says oops it's already connected.

This is a joke.

If i do not see this fixed in the next 12 hours I am going to start publically publishing all of this content to show the ineptitude of your company.

I am so sick of this rubbish and dont understand why your company continuously fails to get even simple things right.

Please just make my bloody card work, with my funders so we can all make money and be happy.

About an hour ago i emailed you asking you to solve another issue where another funder isn't connected to my account properly.

Deal with both of this asap, i will be on the live chat with customer support continuously until this is dealt with.

Wang Di

""""Dear Wang Di,
Piper Stark Solutions has been added as a funding source to your Payoneer account!
Payments from Piper Stark Solutions will now be received to your Prepaid Card . To view a full list of funding sources for your Payoneer account, click on the button below:

Funding Sources

Thank you,The Payoneer Team"""