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How long can I keep my new card inactive (before activating it for the first time) ?

morison Member Posts: 8
edited June 2015 in Ask The Community
I have received a new card with few USD loaded in it. For some reasons, I don't want to activate the card now. I am wondering how long I can keep the card inactive (by not activating it for the first time)? Do you cancel the card and balance in it after that inactivity period? Or, you activate it upon request?

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  • morison
    morison Member Posts: 8
    > @zhaoniupai said:
    > Maybe 3 years.

    As far as I could dig online in last hour, it seems I can keep my new card not-active for at least six months. And if it is deactivated by payoneer, I need to receive payment in that card to make it active.


    I would like to know it for sure though.