My address at Google play and Payoneer are different

morisonmorison Member Posts: 8
I have enabled my US Payment Service to receive payment from Google play store. My address at Google play store is different than my address at Payoneer, including country. Is that going to be a problem to receive money through USPS ?

After I entered the Bank details from USPS in my Payoneer account, Google told me that they would send an small amount of money to my account for verification within 2-3 days. Where can I find that transaction details?

Thanks in advance. :smile:


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    Hi @morison , first of all go to "My Account" to see your transaction history. Second, it shouldn't be a problem if the addresses don't match, however if you come across a problem please contact our support team.
  • morisonmorison Member Posts: 8
    Hi @Sivan , thanks for your response. I want to confirm that I received the small amount sent by Google the following day and got my account verified.
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