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I cant believe how messed up this service is

TemetNosce Member Posts: 5
About a month ago, I contacted support because I had an older card without chip. My country regulations demand all cards have a chip so they can be used on ATMs. Payoneer told me they would send me a new card WITH a chip. Yesterday after 3 weeks I received a new card WITHOUT a chip. This is really messed up, im in a huge mess because I was counting on this card to withdraw some money I needed urgently. I contacted support about 3 times now and Im not getting any answer. I dont know what else I can do, I really need a new card WITH chip. I cant believe they messed this up and now I cant wait 3 more weeks for the card to arrive. Please if someone can read this tell me what can I do.


  • TemetNosce
    TemetNosce Member Posts: 5
    these are the reference number from the last couple requests:
    Reference Number: 150609-008270
    Reference Number: 150610-004385