Money refund back to bank - from wire transfer

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Hi, A person, or better... a client, transfered me via wire system 500 dollars, on may 22th, this transfer never made it into payoneer, because it was wire type transfer, now I know payoneer only accepts ACH type transfers.

Anyways, this money should return to this bank account, I called payoneer 2 days ago, and someone there told it takes like 14 business days to go back to the original account.

So far, the money isn't there, and today, the 14 days deadline is met.

The money came from chase bank, is really nothing payoneer can do on this?

I mean it should arrive today...

No other information you can give me about it?



  • shameemshameem Member Posts: 133 ✭✭
    AS this is handle by payment department, no one can help you un forum. You need to contact with payoneer support team directly, better option is live chat or Phone call.

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  • igortikigortik Member Posts: 0
    My client sent me money using Wire transfer instead of ACH. I don't receive the money and they where not refunded back to my client.

    Please help to resolve the situation. I wrote to customer support but still have no any answers.
    Reference ID's of my question to Payoneer support are: 160308-006394, 160314-003795
  • edgardzedgardz Member Posts: 3
    Hey. I'm having the same problem and this is VERY serious.
    Did they solve your issue or the money just vanished?
  • edgardzedgardz Member Posts: 3
    Hey @kkoci, I'm on a similar situation. Did they solve your issue?
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