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It’s about my problem with my Payoneer card. Some background: I’m a graphic designer and I have company profile on Elance since 2013. it’s been two successful years and the work was going great. Two months after opening the Elance profile I applied for Payoneer card and since then all transactions were made through that account. For two years my experience with Payoneer was great. A colleague from my company also has a Payoneer card and was also very satisfied with it since I was able to transfer money to his account for the work we have done on Elance.

However, on Thursday, 27.05.2015 my account was blocked. After writing message to customer support, as I do now, I had just received automated response from Payoneer. Later that day I had live chat conversation with one of their clerks and he said that my card is under a review and with regard to the problem I’ll receive e-mail message in a few days.

Furthermore, after a couple of days I checked my balance and all my money was GONE and my card was still blocked, it looked like my card was reactivated. I immediately contacted your support on life chat, and they said the same thing - that my card is under review and should wait response from you. I even made phone call to your customer support and they said the same thing, explaining that my card is under review and I should wait few business days for response.

But now I cannot even access my account and receive the message, Account Blocked! (#MA104) Please contact customer support. For the second time I wrote mail to customer support and once again I received an automated response, but this time it said: “Your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons. Please contact Elance Escrow Corporation to find an alternative method of payment.”

After putting so much effort explaining that I had never made any attempts for any abuse of my account, since all money deposits to my account come only from Elance, I have every reason to believe that I had been a subject of injustice and even robbery. One week had passed and I still have not received any acceptable explanation why my account has been blocked and my money confiscated. All I got was an advise to “discuss with Elance about finding alternative way for money transfers.” I need to mention that ALL my money income comes through the Payoneer card, and now I can’t even use it, not to mention that I can’t use the money I have had on my card.

I contact the Elance support center, ten days have passed and I still don't have any answer from them regarding this inconvenience.

Thanks in advance for giving point of view or a solution to this matter.

Kind regards,