Card Shipping Problem

Zarin_TasnimZarin_Tasnim Member Posts: 2
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I am confirming my address again and again but I am not getting my Payoneer card. Then where all my cards are going? How can I receive my card? I live in Dhaka so I provided that. Can anyone please help me?


  • faruqh90faruqh90 Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Do you exactly provide your address? with house no, road no, zip code. If yes so first contact your nearest post office. If you cant found so contact payoneer : +16466583695 or live chat them
    My maximum friends receive payoneer card short time before the date.
  • Zarin_TasnimZarin_Tasnim Member Posts: 2
    I had given the address properly from my email to the support center. Did your friends went to the post office or the post office people gave that to them? Then I should check the post office of my given zip code. Thank you.
  • faruqh90faruqh90 Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    I help my lot of friends and solve their problem. Some of times mistake post office. Some of time my few friends go to post office and receive card. But maximum time card given my home address. I have two card one are euro and another us both are payoneer. One given my home and another i taken post office. I hope some of mistake your address, as like plot no, road no, If all are correct please re-check. Which date payoneer give your card delivery? Please tell me. Then i give you solution. Or provide me your information i help you for receive card
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