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Suddenly can’t withdraw from any ATMs

Sekhmet Member Posts: 2
Hello all, first time posting here.

Last June 10th I was doing some ATM extractions, and suddenly the ATM gave me a “We cannot process the transaction at this time” error message. I tried many ATMs nearby an all gave me the same error, I even tried ATMs in a different country, always with the same result:

I insert the card, the ATM greets me with my name, I enter my PIN, select the withdrawal amount, confirm, and the machine throws out a “We cannot process the transaction at this time” message.

Here are some facts:

-I have enough funds for the withdrawal I’m trying to make (including fees, etc.)
-The card hasn’t expired
-The card is physically fine (looks like new)
-I’ve tried MANY different ATMs from different banks on different countries, on different days
-Payoneer account looks fine, no alerts/errors/messages of any type.
-Transaction history isn’t logging *anything* new since June 10: no failed withdrawal attempts, no Pending Authorizations, nothing.

I’ve talked to a Payoneer customer service agent and she suggested I get another card because the current one is *probably* damaged, and that she doesn’t see any problems on her end. So I’m waiting for the new card to arrive, but I'd really like to figure out what's wrong (if anything) with my current one :/

Has anyone seen anything like this before? I’d really like to hear any ideas on what could be going on. The damaged card theory doesn’t really make much sense to me because all ATMs I tried read it fine (they show my name, ask for my PIN, etc.).

Thanks for reading!


  • neel
    neel Member Posts: 54 ✭✭
    @Sekhmet Did you noticed mastercard logo in that ATM booths?
    If ATM don't support Mastercard then you can't withdraw funds.
    Also some ATM is not working with International Master card withdrawal process.
    Md Zahidul Islam
    Seven Sign
  • Sekhmet
    Sekhmet Member Posts: 2
    edited June 2015
    Hi neel, thanks for answering. Yes, the ATMs I'm trying are the same I always use and never had a problem with them. A few days ago I tried again on a new ATM and this time I could withdraw, but I already received the new card so I guess I shouldn't worry about it anymore... too bad getting the new card via expedite DHL costed me $50 :(