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My Card Still Didn't Approved! 16 days past and nothing !!

mounsef Member Posts: 2
Hi everyone, i've applied for payoneer card on 26/05/2015, and i received this message on 01/06/2015

"Thank you for your application for a Payoneer account.

In order for us to continue in processing your application, please provide us with the following details related to your online account with the company from which you wish to receive payments:

Screenshot of your account’s main page, showing the URL address line and your name/e-mail address
Screenshot of your incoming payment history page (you may edit out any sensitive account information)
Brief description of the source of your income (who pays you and for what kind of product/service)
List of companies from which you wish to receive payments

Your reference number for this matter is: 11903724."

i reply it with the details asked but since then it is not approved yet. can any one help me please!
thank you!