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Two factor authentication, EV certificate and peace in mind

As the technology world is evolving, and more opportunists are lurking around than ever, security is key concern for all of us. And standard security features are core requirements for online financial institutions, like yours. I want to focus on two standard security features that your website is missing- two factor authentication and EV SSL certificate.These features are necessity, and no longer a luxury. With time, we, users are getting habituated using two factor authentication for many of our online activities. So, it doesn't feel like an extra feature anymore, rather it gives peace in mind. On the other hand, I know that there is very few difference between standard SSL and EV SSL, but the green address bar assures us how much you care for our financial security.

I found two years old discussions on both two factor authentication and EV SSL. Thanks to @Nissim for passing those suggestions to the administrators then. But we haven't seen any change so far.

I am certain that the time has come to take action and bring peace in our minds. Thank you.


  • liubko
    liubko Member Posts: 2
    Please, add 2-step verification. Mobile notifications on card activity will be a huge bonus too.
  • msaricicek
    msaricicek Member Posts: 2
    Account needs 2-step authentication. This is a major flaw in your system leaving it open for phising.