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Can I ask/pay for the Payoneer in person?

lymli Member Posts: 3
Hi to everybody. My name is Lymli, I live in Bogota, Colombia. I asked for a card a month ago and the email says it's already arrived to my place, but I don't have it. So should I ask for other one and wait? Or call Payoneer support? (I know a lot of people who say they ask for other card and never arrives, so I'm unwilling to ask other via email)

Here the shipping from others countries arrive to the airport, I wonder if I should go to the airport to ask for the card? Or should I go to my local FedEx and pay them to bring me the card? To me would be easier to do the transmits in person, because there's always no right answer to my problem.

Payoneer says I have to pay for them to send me the card through dhl, but I don't have money in my account, then can I go in person to my local dhl and pay in psychical cash?

Thank you.


  • neel
    neel Member Posts: 54 ✭✭
    @lymli sorry to hear your problem.
    If you didn't receive your first card then you can ask payoneer again to issue a new card for you.
    However if you would like to receive by DHL then you must have balance in your account. Unfortunately you can't receive payoneer balance from others right now. But you can add your payoneer account with any payoneer partner company and withdraw your earnings to your payoneer account. Then you can ask to issue a new card and ship it by DHL.
    Md Zahidul Islam
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