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My client cant pay me via payoneer direct invoice

Shimazakhi Member Posts: 2
Hello. I've already contacted support with this problem but it didnt solve my problem. I've sent invoice via "Request a payment", to two different persons (not companies). They both received their emails with instuctions and "Pay Now" button and they both said that they paid immediately. But when one or two days passed and i didnt see any money load i've contacted support and they reported that my acccont has no pending or incoming money transfers and my clients already have email notification of whats going on. But they have no email messages at all. As well as i do. Im sure that they dont lie beause i work with them for too long and our current projects are still in progress. Can you help me to solve this situation? Recently I've asked clients to provide information about their credit card widthdraws. But even if they didnt loose any money from their accounts how can i tell them what they did wrong? They are busy persons and we dont have much time to discussing and testing. May be you have a video or screenshots "how to" ?


  • Shimazakhi
    Shimazakhi Member Posts: 2
    +update - my client replied - There was no withdraws from his money account and he tried to pay once more. The message was - "payment is submitted and being reviewed". He said that the same message was first time too and nothing after.