Adsense No Longer Pay For Payoneer Account?

HarrisonLHarrisonL Member Posts: 8
I have an US Adsense account and would like add payoneer account into the payment method and I always get error message instead of going through. Then I heard someone saying that Adsense is no longer paying for payoneer account 2 months ago. Is this true?


  •[email protected] Member Posts: 2
    hope can responds once have a problem to payoneer account
  • HarrisonLHarrisonL Member Posts: 8
    OK, I can say that Google adsense does not pay payoneer now. I get this information on Google Product Forums.

    "Adsense won't make payments to Payoneer anywhere & your bank account must be in the same country as the Adsense account which is an Adsense requirement.

    Therefore it's not possible to get paid by Payoneer from Adsense."
  • ValairValair Member Posts: 1
    are you sure of this? i know several people who are getting paid by adsense via US payment service of payoneer. of course you need a gmail account from USA, adsense account from USA and that's all
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