Payoneer Card Usage & Rbi Limitations

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Hi payoneer Team,

I'm an Indian Resident. Since RBI restricted non-indian bank debit/credit cards, I have the following questions

1. I've been using an US verified Paypal account for all my online transactions. Which was created by a friend of mine, who stays in the US . Can ask him to apply for payoneer debit card and send it to me ..So that I can use it here in India for withdraws... Do you allow that? Can I do the same for Virtual Bank account as well?

2. How exactly does your LBT work for Indian Residents? I use HDFC & ICICI bank accounts in India...

3. Any plans of expanding to India, So that RBI will not limit you!!

Thanks in Advance...



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    Could anyone clear my Doubts....
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    Hi Mohan,

    The Payoneer card is valid for use by the registered card holder only, and we do not permit signing up under another person's name. In addition, to apply with a US address you will be required to provide a valid SSN.

    Our local bank transfer service allows you to get paid to your bank account in India, from partners of ours that support the service (companies/sites that pay with Payoneer). You can use it to get paid to any major bank in India.

    We do not have any immediate plans to expand to India, however we will certainly look in to it!
    Director of Community at Payoneer
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    Thanks for the reply..Appreciate it!
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