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New Customer Not Able to Activate Card (on the website only)

drifty Member Posts: 2
Hi I have recently recieved my card for my new account and as I try to activate it,
it denies the 16 digit card number and says "Please fill in a valid credit card number".

(I have tried many times, multiple browsers, checking carefully I have entered the 16 digit number correctly, I have even contacted live support, to which the conclusion after many tests was "it seems we are having technical problems, try again in the morning")

I have done so and still it will not allow me... during a live support the lady asked me to try the phone activation method, that actually worked!!

HOWEVER the site still says it is unactivated!!! and still does not allow me to use the service in any way.

Please Advise, If there is a real issue with my card or your system, I would like to know, so I can go elsewhere with my business if needed.

Account Reference Number: 12844901