Can't receive money from Paypal.

SeijiSeiji Member Posts: 2
Hello, I linked my payoneer account with my paypal account, but when paypal tried to send me money, it seems Payoneer declined it. I got an email from Paypal :

Dear XXX,

On Jul 17, 2015, we attempted to transfer from your bank account ending in x-xx28. We received an automated response from your bank informing us that they could not complete the transfer.

As a result, we have removed this bank account from your PayPal account.

To re-add this bank account to your PayPal account, please confirm with your bank that all information is correct. Alternatively, you can add another bank account.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



So, whats wrong?


  • SeijiSeiji Member Posts: 2
    This forum is dead :neutral:
  • SasaSFSasaSF Member Posts: 0
    So i connected my payoneer account with paypal and made withdraw, it's my first transfer and it's been 5 days, i was wondering what's the time period to approve first transaction.
    Thank you
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