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Do we really needed Payoneer in India?

w3domicile Member Posts: 4
I am just curious to know that how many of you really think that Payoneer is a good substitute to Indian Bank details. I'm being an affiliate with more than dozen affiliate networks was getting my payments smoothly from foreign companies since last 7-8 years with my Indian Bank Account directly. Money usually takes 3-4 days to credited in you bank account and I used State Bank of India which I think is best player when it comes to inward remittance. They charge only INR 31 and INR 25 for the inward remittance, nothing else. And that remained regular affair until unless I put my faith on Payoneer and drew a line between my payers and my Indian Bank account who will instead of getting direct payments will receive payments from Payoneer.
Process became more confusing. Now my payers were transferring money to my EURO Balance bank account provided by Payoneer (Wirecard bank of Germany). If the payment is sent on Monday than Payoneer will load this payment on next Monday and on Tuesday next morning India time 9:40 AM it will be transferred to your local bank and you will receive the amount in the evening because it is NEFT payment done by their bank account here in India. In the process they will charge only Euros 2 or 3 for the whole process and I don't know about the forex rates they follow and there is no charge on incoming NEFT, so you save good money but process became lengthy.
I was not ready like most of my fellow Indians for the events like no payment at all from the Payoneer and eventually ended on being a losing side while putting my faith in 3rd party. Now most of us are left with no money and no answers from Payoneer whatsoever. Do you really think that this whole exercise was needed when you can directly get your funds in your Indian Bank accounts by simply using your SWIFT codes?
Name an affiliate network which cannot send money to an Indian Bank account directly. I think not even a single network.
Its not too late folks, we can still get rid of 3rd parties like Payoneer or Paypal by using our Indian Bank details. It will safeguard our interests in the times to come, what is the use of using such dumb and deaf 3rd party payment solution providers who are doing no good to us.
Think it over!


  • scamhunterdk
    scamhunterdk Member Posts: 1
    You are in for a very long battle my friends from India. I have been following the recent reports from India where Payoneer has started showing it's real colors. Let me tell you few things about this company. First of all they have no regular money to pay their users. They will stop payment of one user for weeks and sometime for months and than they pay that money to other user and vice-verso. This is the modes-operand i of this company. It is not active anywhere in Europe and most of the European countries have banned this company. They are now scamming users of the Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Very interesting part is that they have not even a single working office in any of these countries. I feel pity for you and other affected user like you in India. Yeah its a good idea to contact your local authority to stop these scammers to rob any more of you. Let me give you a great idea to get hold of few Indian operators from this company. There will be an event in coming days either in New Delhi or some other city, you can take help of local Police to catch these scammers, it worked in my places in the past also.
    Good luck to you!
    Bottom-line: Your money is gone forever!
  • GUL9832
    GUL9832 Member Posts: 21 ✭✭
    edited August 2015
    hey payoneer is not scam company