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ATM Request Declined saying "Selected Account is INACTIVE"

received my Payoneer card through DHL after a lot of hassle, and now after two transactions, my account is somehow inactive. I have tried to transact cash but the ATM keeps saying my "selected account is inactive" Please help me :( I have at least a hundred bucks in the account that i need to withdraw, and i don't know why such things keep happening to my PAyoneer account. when i activated the card a while ago, my funding sources automatically disappeared and i had to sit through hours of emailing and live chats to reactivate them. Please help me find a quick way to get it activated ASAP? and why did it deactivate on its own in the first place?



  • SoniaSadiq04
    SoniaSadiq04 Member Posts: 2
    I would love it if someone could help me fast :(((
  • fadhi
    fadhi Member Posts: 91 ✭✭
    ah actually there is only happening when your funding source deactivate your funds is your funding source is legal ? if yes then how much amount you try to withdraw if there is 100 bucks left then you just try to withdraw 9k from mcb and i m damn sure it will works for you go ahead and withdraw your money i m damn sure now you have no problem also can you tel me what is showing in your payoneer card status i mean your funds is still there if yes then check in transaction history and funding source tab what is show there thanks good luck
    Expectations always hurt :(
  • dzkanch
    dzkanch Member Posts: 1
    same here,
    at SCB (standard charterd bank) Selected account is inactive , i though maybe withdraw limit or something.. but failed.
  • webdeem
    webdeem Member Posts: 50 ✭✭
    Just go to Bank Alfalah, pretty sure their ATM's won't disappoint you :)
  • TalhaMasoud
    TalhaMasoud Member Posts: 2
    Hi, can someone please help me. I have more than 300 bucks in my account and I tried to withdraw at almost 5 different banks in the past few days.
    MCB atm gave me the error that I was taking too long to respond.
    HBL atm said general processing error.
    Bank Alfalah atm said transaction not allowed.
    Standard Chartered bank said My account is inactive.
    I got the card a few weeks back since then I have bought a few things online and it works fine. But when I try to withdraw through atm I receive the errors mentioned above.
    The $1 fee also is deducted on each tried transaction. I am trying to withdraw 20,000 Rs that is roughly $200.