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Transfer funds to a diffrent bank account in another country (Dual Citizenship holder)

cpozzer Member Posts: 2

I am a holder of dual citizenship, i have 2 valid passports (Italian and South African). I will be going to south africa next month for a vacation and meet parents and wanted to get myself a bank account and was wondering if i can then deposit my funds to it, Offcourse the bank account will be to my name, but consider that when i signed up to payoneer i used my Italian address.

Will there be any issues? Do i have to do something?



  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 595
    Hi @cpozzer, according to Payoneer policy you can only withdraw to bank in the country your Payoneer card is registered in. If you registered in Italy you can withdraw to bank in Italy.
  • cpozzer
    cpozzer Member Posts: 2
    Hi @Sivan thanks for your reply, now im asking you something diffrent, what if i register from south africa? I have residence there. Will it go in conflict with my italian payoneer account?
  • fobie
    fobie Member Posts: 8
    Hi @Sivan I will have to visit in Bruxelles. will I be able to withdraw money in Europe?
    Since my card was registered in South Africa.

    In my understanding of the policy, a payoneer account holder can purchase in-store, online and withdraw in about 70 countries registered under the payoneer banking system.

    Should I exchange, from my payoneer accout, my $ fund to € from OR. Thambo airport?

    I'm "replaying to your previouscomment" it's getting me confused.
  • maid
    maid Member Posts: 4
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